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m/s Zlatopružica

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True enjoyment of the sea and the underwater world, unique scenery and freshly caught fish

In this case the navigation is an experience! The motor boat “Zlatopružica” is safe and top quality, since the diligent hands of the shipbuilders from Punat used the finest croatian oak to built it. Except from great equipment, this boat is perfect for numerous daily excursions, VIP, fishing and similar excursions where you can enjoy freshly caught fish, team buildings and many more. It is the only boat in the northern Adriatic which can offer you the truly experience of the traditional fishing. For divers, there is a compressor and all other diving equipment on board.

Basic details

Boat caracteristics:

  • Length: 18 m
  • Width: 4,65 m
  • Sunny deck: 30 seats
  • Saloon: 20 seats
  • Speed: 9 knots
  • Engine: 240 KS
  • Radar
  • Satellite navigation - GPS
  • Sounder
  • TV, Video, CD

Diving equipment:

  • 2 compressors “BAUER” - 190 l
  • Diving cylinders
  • Reanimation masks
  • First aid kit
  • Diving flags
  • Emergency stretcher board

Other equipment:

  • Trawl nett – koća
  • Equipment for snorkeling: masks, fins


Boat description

Thanks to its various equipment the boat Zlatopružica is perfect for different kinds of excursions: from panoramic boat trips to the closest islands, to diving excursions or whole day swimming on one of the most beautiful Krk‘s beaches. On the other hand, if you wish to experince a part of traditional croatian fishing and taste the freshly caught fish for which we like to say that swimmed 3 times – in the sea, in the exquisite olive oil and in wine!

The boat is well equipped: on the lower deck there are 20 seats, kitchen with bar, wheelhouse and washroom. Comfortable seating at the table is possible in the stern or on the bow. The washroom has also a shower. 15 persons can seat comfortably in the stern, at the table or on the side benches from where you can watch how the fish is being drawn from the sea.

Also, in the stern you will find our 2 compressors for filling your diving cylinders.

Upper deck or sunny deck has 20 seats which, besides being comfortable, offers you remarkable scenic views of beuatiful white beaches and crystal turquoise sea.

Small but well equipped boat kitchen with a bar can offer you various delights and the spacious cooler allows you to refresh on the boat at any time with a good selection of drinks.

On the boat you’ll find everything you need for snorkeling (masks, fins, safety rings) and all audio-visual equipment from flat screen to high quality speakers.

Because of its unique equipment, this boat is suitable for traditional fishing demonstrations and for all kinds of tourist excursions, too.

Our crew has many years of experience in fishing and tourism, which is highly appreciated from divers and hook-and-line fishermen when it comes to good knowledge of our sea and underwater world. We invite you to come visit our wheelhouse and to talk with our Captain about the sea world, navigation or about our other excursions.

Excursion with our boat is highly reccomended for pleasant group gatherings, team buildings and even business trips in a relaxed atmosphere.

Enjoy the uniqueness of the landscape, the remarkable clear sea and indulge in the beauty of the island, beaches and the magnificent nature! Captain and the crew of the boat wishes you calm sea and a day to remember!

More about the boat

Zlatopružica is a beautiful name for a fish known by the name of ‘‘SALPA‘‘. Salpa is a beautiful adriatic fish known for its grey colour with golden yellow stripes. With todays boat colours and our uniform we cherish the connection with this wise and exquisite fish.

In 1961 the diligent hands of the shipbuilders from Punat built a fishing boat Zlatopružica. The shipyard in Punat is the oldest one of its kind in Croatia where our boat is made of the finest Croatian oak.

“Zlatopružica” was built as a fishing boat for catching blue fish, for a fishing company “Istra-Banjole” from Pula, the same year when the today’s owner Ranko Bonifačić was born.

The boat comes from istrian aquatics to Mošćenička draga to its new owner Pepi Mohović who continues fishing with this boat but also transforms it into a fishing trawler.

Afterwords, in 1983, Ivo Gržančić from Punat buys this boat, fishes for 4 years and then in year 1987, together with his brother, reconstructs it into a touristic boat for daily excursions.

In 1992, Nikola Žic and Ranko Bonifačić buy this boat and change it again into fishing-touristic boat and at first they fish along the southern Adriatic. From 1994 till today, this boat operates in a combination with winter fishing and summer excursions.

Book of ship orders at Shipyard „Punat“ –in the book is also the boat Zlatopružica, year 1961

Zlatopružica as a fishing boat at Mošćenička Draga - Family Mohović.

Zlatopružica as a fishing boat before reconstruction.

Renovation of Zlatopružica at the Shipyard ‘‘Punat‘‘, on the island of Krk

Safety First!

We care about your safety. Please, read carefully this instructions:

The life rafts are located on the upper deck of the boat. Life jackets are located within the cabin under the seat and are suitable for both children and adults. Although it is not obligatory, if you feel safer that way, the crew will be happy to give you a life jacket to wear during the trip.

The boat is equipped with the first aid and fire-fighting equipment. In case of emergency, the Captain will take care of all passengers, which are required to follow his instructions as well as the instructions of the crew. Your responsibility is to act cautiously when on board and take care of your own and other people's safety.

It is not permitted to leave the boat when mooring or anchoring, but only with the permission of the crew. Parents are asked to keep an eye on their children during the trip. Please be careful as the decks are wet and slippery. Smoking is allowed only in a designated smoking area.

Let's protect our seas - put the trash into the designated areas. Please note: the Captain reserves the right to change the route in case of bad weather conditions.

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