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About CroatiaExcursions.com

By Local Businesses

In what we believe and what we desire?

Welcome to the Croatia Excursions! For the last 27 years, we have worked for tourists on the Island of Krk, as a tourist agency and a boat excursion providers. As of 2017, we are the island’s first agency offering online booking engine for a variety of authentic local excursions.

During the past years, we noticed a need for transformation in the island’s tourism industry. The growing demand for so-called experience tourism led us to establish partnerships with a number of local businesses to provide unique and autochthonous excursions. The online platform is a great tool for travelers who are coming to Krk to book their experiences easily and fast.

While creating the best service for you, we work with reliable and experienced companies, small businesses, and professionals from the island. That way we get on the wave of responsible tourism, helping to improve prosperity and sustainable development of our island. All together, we are in a mission to make you remember your precious moments on the island for a long time.

All these moments and experiences are on a few clicks of distance from you, once you get to the CroatiaExcursions.com website. Simple, fast, and safe, the booking confirmation comes to your inbox and you just need to show up – and enjoy!

We have created this excursions for you to get to know the most amazing sides of our island and beyond – spectacular views, exclusive locations, wonderful hosts and their products. From Night fishing experience on a genuine fishing boat with dinner aboard, to exclusive Wine tasting session with winemakers, you might choose the experience that suits your passions and dreams best. While someone may decide to see the white beaches accessible only by boat and take a swim in a crystal clear waters, someone may like the idea of having dinner in the olive grove and learning how the olive tree is cultivated and the olive oil produced. While the Plitvice Lakes National Park is located away from the island, we also offer day trips by bus for holidays makers staying on the island of Krk.

Apart from online booking, our tickets are available at around 70 outlets, from tourist agencies, hotels, camps and other accommodation facilities around the island.

Za vas smo na raspolaganju svaki dan na telefonskom broju +385 99 33 7777 1 ili mailom na info@croatiaexcursions.com


Our two core companies (Zlatopružica and Bonimare) have 5 permanent employees, 2 seasonal employees, while during the summer we count on about 20 collaborators who help all our programs work fine.

  • Ranko Bonifačić
    the owner and Captain of our “Zlatopružica” fishing boat

    We call Ranko the heart of the whole business. He has decades of experience navigating on the fishing boat and receiving curious travellers who love to discover the island, the sea, and taste a fish dinner. Grown up in a fishermen’s family, Ranko lives with the Adriatic Sea and boats since his childhood. As an expert for the sea and the underwater world, Ranko is also an expert in receiving guests and providing them a warm welcome.

  • Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić
    vlasnik i direktor Bonimare d.o.o. Krk

    Josipa works in tourism and lives with tourism all her life. She started interacting with guests at her mother’s guesthouse at early age, and during the 30 years of her career she worked as a tour guide, a manager in the hospitality industry, and a destination manager. Josipa is often described as a motivation, knowledge, and energy master of the team.

  • Nadia Manzoni
    strategy consultant, translator and proofreader, the company’s representant in Brussels.

  • Stela Bonifačić
    digital marketing and social media manager

  • Dragana Stanivuk
    sales manager, customer service person, your first contact when you reach us by phone or email.

  • Antonija Kevrić
    Booker and boat trips operation assistant

  • Ivica Žic
    “Lenica” boat captain, your host at many boat excursions

  • Elvir Dizdarević
    sailor and entertainer

  • Ivica Orlić
    sailor and the “world’s best marine cook”

  • Lana Pajdaš
    online communication and blogging consultant

Our local partners

  • Aurea International d.o.o. – Organizator autobusnih izleta

  • Šiloturist d.o.o. – Organizator posjeta akvariju, terariju i spilji Biserujka

  • Kuća vina Ivan Katunar, Vrbnik

  • Konoba „Nada“ Vrbnik

  • „Gospoja“ d.o.o., Vrbnik

  • OPG „Ulika“ Punat

  • Taxi 'Kormat', vl.Gašpar Bonifačić

  • ATLAS TA d.d, Dubrovnik

  • Aquavision Aquarius, Malinska

  • M/B Tajana, Krk


13th of April, 1990 – “Aurea” was founded by Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić in Krk, as an agency for vacation home rentals. Counting on two more employees apart from Josipa, the agency booked most of the available slots within two days. Three more people worked for the agency during the summer season.

Fall 1990 – The travel agency starts working, organizing a trip to Vienna. The story of that trip is still in the organizers’ and travelers’ beautiful memories.

1991 – The outbreak of the Croatian Homeland War. A trip to Plitvice was done in March, just a few days before the first signals of instabilities. In June, the agency was forced to participate in evacuations, the borders were closed and tourism didn’t happen in Croatia. We did not give up, and continued our activity in another family home in Krk .

1992 – The agency team is looking for new opportunities on Czech and Slovakian markets..

1993 – Ranko Bonifačić and his partner Nikola Žic buy the motorboat “Zlatopružica” and equip it for fishing and tourism. .

1994 – The Agency and the “Zlatopružica” boat company start their partnership with divers which lasts until today. The first divers-guests are still our great friends and frequent guests.

1995 – “Zlatopružica” is the island’s first company providing the authentic fishing trip for visitor experience, with dinner made of fresh fish on board.

1997 – Ranko’s “Zlatopružica” company buys the half value of the boat previously owned by the partner Nikola Žic.

2001 – “Aurea” launches its first website. It was also the very first online booking machine for private accommodation / vacation rentals on the island.

2004 – We move to our brand new office space in the Curicta building in Krk. It’s now the headquarter of our new company “Bonimare”, which is also the owner of the block.

2005 – The “Zlatopružica” company purchases “Lenica”, its second boat. “Lenica” is now used for our half-day panoramas and swimming cruises.

2015 – After 25 years of business, “Aurea” is divided into two companies, with “Bonimare” as our part, strengthening partnership with “Zlatopružica”.

2017 – We are becoming the first online excursions agency on the island, by starting our “Croatia Excursions” project. We love the sea, we love the boats, we love to receive guests, tourists, and travelers, and making them happy.


ZLATOPRUŽICA, obrt za usluge, turistička agencija i trgovina, vl. Ranko Bonifačić



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