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Daily fishing academy

Become a fisherman for a day along with swimming, sea to table dining and a great deal of experience

Authentic thrawl fishing, unique scenary of the coast and islands, swimming in one of the most beautiful bays on the island of Krk- Vela Luka near Baška, learning the fishermen skills and about fisherman's fishing tools in a museum and eating lunch made up of freshly caught fish- all in one day and all in a new daily tour after which you are awarded with unfortgettable memories and a diploma for a completion of the fishing training!

Basic details

Starting points:
Baška (transfer)09:00
Krk Town10:00
Adults 90.00 € (678.11 kn)
Children 4 - 11.99 years 45.00 € (339.05 kn)
Children 0 - 3.99 years GRATIS
Krk (in front of hotel Marina)17:30
Punat (quay in the Punat town centre)18:00
Baška (transfer to hotel Corinthia)18:30
Baška (transfer)
Transfer fee (on the boat): 50.00 € (376.73 kn)

Individual transfer from all other island places to KRK or PUNAT

Organiser:PRIMO, obrt za ribarstvo i TA, VRH, VRH 83A, 00385993377771
Active: Currently not available

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For centuries, the families on the island of Krk, relied on fishing for sustenance. Knowledge of the sea, weather conditions and skills at using the fishing equipment were crucial to their survival on the island. The tehniques of catching fish have been passed on for generations.

During this excursion, we are giving you an opportunity to take your family on their first fishing adventure and become fishermen for a day! We will sail the beautiful waters south of the island, catch fish in a traditional way – with a trawl net, learn to tie fishing knots, acquire knowledge about the sea and navigation, learn to prepare the fish and eat it freshly prepared. We will swim in a beautiful bay near Baška and visit a fishing museum there.

At the end of the trip, our guests will receive a diploma for having mastered the basics of fishing!
After the departure from Punat and Krk, in the waters of Kvarner, we will thrawl the nets- in a traditional way, just as the fishermen of Kvarner used to do for generations. You will be acquinted with the life of island's fishermen and learn first hand about the underwater of Kvarnerić and fishes which are caught in our sea.

We will teach you how to tie sailor's knots and how to clean the fish in the right way.

During the trip, you will also have an opportunity to visit the captain's cabin where you will be shown all the instruments and navigation systems a real fisherman should be acquinted with!

After thrawling the nets, we will sail towards Vela Luka, where we will visit a small fishing museum, swim on a pebbly beach and eat lunch made up of freshly caught fish in a restaurant right by the sea.

On the way back, we will enjoy fresh fruits on the boat and enjoy the scenary of the beautiful bays from Baška to Punat!
This excursion is a splendid opportunity for you to learn about Croatian islands, about biological diversity, fishing, fishing tools, knots and navigation! After the excursion, we will reward you with a souvenir as a reminder of the day you became a fisherman!

With a bit of luck, you will be greeted by the daulphins which often swim in the waters surrounding the island!