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Dear friends of the sea and diving!

We share with you the love for the wonderful underwater world and we take you to the top diving locations in the nothern Adriatic!

We guarantee the quality of our diving tours with 25 years of experience in the business. We combine professional diving management with the authentic experience of sailing on our comfortable and diving-equipped boat Zlatopružica!

Your captain and diving instructor Ranko Bonifačić

Video by Christian Riedel

Video by Dominik Achatz

Motorboat Zlatopružica - a top boat for diving trips

The boat Zlatopružica is a safe and well equipped wooden boat made by the hands of experienced local shipbuilders from Punat on the Island of Krk. It has a beautiful and spacious sunny deck for get togethers and briefings as well as an indoor seating area for 20 people. The boat also has a small kitchen as well as a toilet with shower facilities.

The boat characteristics:

Diving equipment:

Top diving destinations

The underwater world in the vicinity of the island of Krk is full of natural beauties such as spectacular rocks full of life, underwater caves, reefs with an abundance of fish and underwater tunnels. Explore them with us!

The island of Krk is a great starting point for diving trips to 8 neighbouring islands (Cres, Plavnik, Mali Plavnik, Prvić, Goli, Grgur, Rab, Kormat) and 40 different diving locations. The benefits are:

  • Undisturbed underwater world
  • Steep cliffs that disappear into the deep blue sea, astonishingly overgrown with red gorgonias
  • Encounters with lobsters, red scorpionfish, stingrays, monkfish and dogfish
  • Impressive caves
  • Historic ship wracks

Some of the best known diving locations are:

Mali Plavnik – a very small island, a reef full of caves, descending stone curtains and steep cliffs that plunge into the depth. It is a real playground for snails, octopus and scorpionfish. It is the home of a 1,5m long monkfish that is regularly spotted here. The Plavnik plateau – a place that bursts with fish in the summer months. Ideal for underwater photography fans.

Selzine – spectacular cliff which descends 110m into the sea. It lies at the entrance into a canal and here you can encounter large schools of fish that attract large tuna fish and mackerel.

Lorelei – a rocky extrusion on the island of Cres with a underwater mine left over from World War I. It is also an area known for the fish diversity.

Daily group tours

Whether you are running a diving school on the island of Krk or you want to explore the beauties of the Kvarner sea bed, we are at your disposal for an unrogettable diving experience.

The boat can be rented out for half a day for one dive or the whole day for two dives at attractive locations of your choice.

We can organise a lunch onboard as well as the filling of scuba tanks.

Attractive locations for daily tours: Plavnik, Cres – spectacular wall, Mali Plavnik – underwater reef, Prvić – tunnel and other spectacular locations on the island of Plavnik, Prvić, Grgur, Kormat and Cres!



Basic Details

Departure:     Punat, Krk
Tour period: April- October
Capacity: 20 persons
Half day boat rental:
June, July, August
€ 500
Half day boat rental:
April, May, Septembre, October
€ 400
Full day boat rental:
June, July, August
€ 800
Full day boat rental:
April, May, Septembre, October
€ 700



The price includes:
Half day diving

  • from 9am to 1pm
  • Sail to the chosen location
  • One dive

Full day diving

  • from 9am to 6pm
  • Sail to the chosen location
  • Two dives
  • Possibility of lunch on board
  • Possibility of bottle refills


  • possibility of drinks purchase on board

Why to book with us

Top 6 Reasons why to book with us

  • Respectful partners with long tradition and rich experience in excursion organization

  • We have chosen for you most attractive boat and bus excursions in the destination

  • Excursions of highest quality with best destination experience

  • Best price and fair price warranty

  • Knowledgeable & passionate team which provides the best local experiences

  • Safe & Secure Payment Methods for booking online