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Mini panorama by boat

Basic details

Starting points:
Baška (transfer)13:00
Adults 19.91 € (150.01 kn)
Baška (transfer)
Transfer fee (on the boat): 19.91 € (150.01 kn)

Individual transfer from all other island places to KRK or PUNAT

Organiser:Zlatopružica, Punat, Frankopanska 99, +385 99 33 7777 1
Active: Currently not available

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Basic information

Trip duration: 2 hours from Punat or Krk
Possible departures
Punat – quayside
Krk – in front of the Marina Hotel
Baška – transfer infront of the Corinthia Hotel  by mini-bus (the transfer is paid to the driver)
Transfer price: 80,00 kn (10,62 €)
Price Starting from 80,00 kn (10,62 €)

* The price is tentative and it depends on the time of the year and the type of accommodation

Dolphins Adriatic coast


The maritime zone of Punat and Stara Baška is exceptionally appealing. Within the Punat bay, we sail next to more than a 1,000 other boats located in the oldest and best Croatian Marina - Marina Punat. We sail along the islet of Košljun and its beautiful vistas and the appealing beaches of Punat towards the Tranjevo cape - the former home of a lighthouse keeper. We sail along a coast that holds some of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic. Spectacular landscapes, cliffs and neighbouring islets that are home to seagulls are, along with the warm sunshine or a crimson sunset, an indispensable experience for all of our guests that wish to see the destination from a viewpoint on the sea. 


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