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M/S Zlatopružica

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Experience perfect sunny day, magnificent turquoise sea and unique islands

Completely renovated boat Lenica is proud to have 4 for its comfort and high-quality boat equipment. If you’d like to explore our magnificent sea, beaches and islands in our aquatorium, or you wish to visit islands of Rab and Cres by boat – this is the absolutely perfect choice for an unique experience.

Basic details

Boat caracteristics:

  • Length: 18 m
  • Width: 4,65 m
  • Speed: 9 knots
  • Engine: 240 KS
  • Smaller saloon with 10 seats
  • Bar
  • Male and Female Washroom with fresh water
  • Modern navigation system and security equipment
  • Sunny deck – 20 seats
  • Poop deck – 30 seats

Boat description

Today, the boat Lenica is a favourite one for numerous excursions like half-day or full-day trips in the neighbouring waters and the most beautiful beaches on the island of Krk.

The boat Lenica is a former fishing boat dating from 1936, which is renovated into a 4-star tourist boat: at a lower deck you can find a modern saloon with 10 seats, a bar with refreshments, wheelhouse and fully equipped and spacious toilets (for male and female) with a shower. There’s a possibility of a comfortable seating and resting in the shadow of the deck, protected from the wind, for approx. 30 people.

Upper or sunny deck has 20 seats where you can enjoy the spectacular scenic views of beuatiful white beaches and crystal turquoise sea.

On the boat you’ll find all necessary equipment for swimming and snorkeling (masks, fins, safety rings) and all audio-visual equipment from flat screen to high quality speakers.

Thanks to its high quality equipment and a pleasant ride, this boat is perfect for numerous tailor-made excursions. Whether you’d like to rent a boat for a special occasion (like wedding, anniversary, private charter) or you prefer to join us on one of our beautiful daily excursions, you’re more than welcome!

Our crew has many years of experience in fishing and tourism, which is highly appreciated from divers and hook-and-line fishermen when it comes to good knowledge of our sea and underwater world. We invite you to come visit our wheelhouse and to talk with our Captain about the sea world, navigation or our other excursions.

Excursion with our boat is highly reccomended for pleasant group gatherings, team buildings and even business trips in a relaxed atmosphere.

Enjoy the uniqueness of the landscape, the remarkable clear sea and indulge in the beauty of the island, beaches and the magnificent nature! Captain and the crew of the boat wishes you calm sea and a day to remember!

More about the boat

The boat Lenica was built as a sailing boat in 1935 in the Molfetta shipyard in Bari, Italy. It was given the beautiful name of „NUOVA REGINA MARTIRUM“, meaning the New Queen of Martyrs, and bought by Giuseppe Depicolzuane from the island of Krk.

During the World War II, it was confiscated by the occupying German army together with 4 other boats owned by the same family. Two of them sunk and the rest were nationalised in the post-war Yugoslavia. The new owners, the regional fishing company „Kvarner“ converted the sailing boat into a motorboat and renamed it into „Lenica“. The name comes from a rare type of Adriatic fish whose exploitation was later prohibited by the authorities.

Until 2003 Lenica served as a fishing boat in the hands of different local owners, when the current owner Ranko Bonifačić bought it and transformed it into a modern tourist boat that it is today.

On the occasion of the 75th birthday, in a letter addressed to the current owner Ranko Bonifačić, the son of the previous owner, Mr. Carmelo Depicolzuane, wishes that God would bless Lenica with another 75 years of sailing!

Safety first!

We care about your safety. Please, read carefully this instructions:

SThe life rafts are located on the upper deck of the boat. Life jackets are located within the cabin under the seat and are suitable for both children and adults. Although it is not obligatory, if you feel safer that way, the crew will be happy to give you a life jacket to wear during the trip.

The boat is equipped with the first aid and fire-fighting equipment. In case of emergency, the Captain will take care of all passengers, which are required to follow his instructions as well as the instructions of the crew. Your responsibility is to act cautiously when on board and take care of your own and other people's safety.

It is not permitted to leave the boat when mooring or anchoring, but only with the permission of the crew. Parents are asked to keep an eye on their children during the trip. Please be careful as the decks are wet and slippery. Smoking is allowed only in a designated smoking area.

Let's protect our seas - put the trash into the designated areas. Please note: the Captain reserves the right to change the route in case of bad weather conditions.


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