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Mini Cruise Punat

Basic infromation

Trip duration:

2-4 hours

Possible departures
Punat – quayside
Krk – in front of the Marina Hotel
Baška – transfer infront of the Corinthia Hotel  by mini-bus (the transfer is paid to the driver)
Transfer price: 80.00 HRK (€ 11.11)
Price Starting from 100 HRK



* The price is tentative and it depends on the time of the year and the type of accommodation

Island of Košljun Old town Krk

Punat is the nautical centre of the island of Krk. Located in a beautiful and protected bay, it has always been a safe haven for ships, fishermen and nautical tourists. This young settlement was built on the remains of a Liburnian settlement and on the location where the Romans from Krk built their villas. It is also the birthplace of the ancestors of a former president of Costa Rica whose grandfather build a pasta factor and oil mill (now a hotel) in Punat and a beautiful villa on the waterfront.  In the early 20th century, the first Steamboat Share Company was founded in Punat – it is the predecessor of today’s biggest Croatian shipping and ferry company.   

For 3,000 years, the town of Krk has been located at the same place, within walls that were built by the Romans and then renewed by all rulers for centuries. The remains of antique thermae and cathedrals that can be dated back to the second half of the 6th century, two monasteries, a small town that remains to this day an example of Roman urban architecture preserved through the years is worthy to take a walk in, to visit and to be learned about.

Whether you are starting your trip from Punat and wish to have a look around the town of Krk with a beautiful panoramic ride, or you are starting your trip from Krk and you wish to visit Košljun, both routes are more than appealing and they can be combined with other contents.


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