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Basic information

Trip duration:
1,5 hours from Punat
2,5 hours from town Krk
Trip Punat - Košljun : 15 minutes
Possible departures
Punat – quayside
Krk – in front of the Marina Hotel
Baška – transfer infront of the Corinthia Hotel  by mini-bus (the transfer is paid to the driver)
Transfer price: 80.00 HRK (€ 11.11)
Price of the Punat - Košljun return ticket 20 HRK per person
Price of the ticket for Košljun 20 HRK per person

* The price is tentative and it depends on the time of the year and the type of accommodation

Kušljun monastery Košljun

The islet of Košljun, a jewel of nature, a great part of the centuries-old history and a breeding ground of culture is a place that every visitor of the island of Krk should visit.  A short boat ride connects Punat and the islet of Košljun, and the trip can be extended with a visit to Marina Punat - the best Croatian marina. Today the islet is home to a Franciscan monastery and 4 impressive collections:  an archaeological collection, an impressive ethnographic collection and a sacral collection. The entire complex of the monastery, its atrium, small cemetery and numerous small churches in the park are truly admirable. You can go for a walk in a luxuriant park with 410 types of plants and over 100 types of mushrooms. The sound of silence is the loudest on this islet in the centre of the bay. Be at peace and attune to it, and breathe in the health of the marine aerosol mixed with the scent of laurel in the park and simply enjoy the experience...


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