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The islands of Goli otok and Grgur

Basic details

Starting points:
Baška (transfer)13:00
Adults 290.00 kn
Children 4 - 11.99 years 145.00 kn
Children 0 - 3.99 years GRATIS
Baška (transfer)
Transfer fee (on the boat): 60.00 kn (€ 8.11)

Individual transfer from all other island places to KRK or PUNAT

Organiser:MORE d.o.o., Punat, Ivana Gorana Kovačića 49, 00385993377771
Active: Currently not available

Basic information

Trip duration:
10 hours; from 9am - 7pm
Possible departures
Punat – quayside
Krk – in front of the Marina Hotel
Baška – transfer infront of the Corinthia Hotel  by mini-bus (the transfer is paid to the driver)
Transfer price: 80.00 HRK (€ 11.11)
Price Starting from 199 HRK

* The price is tentative and it depends on the time of the year and the type of accommodation

The inslet of Goli The inslet of Grgur

A one-day boat trip to the islets of Goli otok and Grgur.  The islets are located between the island of Rab and the island of Krk, and the mountain tops of Velebit to the the north provide a spectacular vista.   At a certain point in history, these islands were isolated from civilization and served as infamous prisons. Today, they have changed from a symbol of suffering to historical monuments and to a beautiful excursion destination with beautiful beaches, an exceptional clean sea, majestic vistas and landscapes that we sail upon.

A sightseeing of the island of Goli otok is organised, as well as a projection of a film on the history of the island. Both islands are home to quaint catering facilities and it is possible to organize a lunch there. In addition to a visit to both islands, the programme envisages a tour guide of Goli otok, a film projection and swimming on both islands. Appetizer and coffee is served on the boat.


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