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Daily Fishing and Swimming Tours

Basic information

Trip duration:
from 9:30am - 6pm
Possible departures
Punat – quayside
Krk – in front of the Marina Hotel
Baška – transfer infront of the Corinthia Hotel  by mini-bus (the transfer is paid to the driver)
Transfer price: 80,00 kn (10,62 €)
Price Starting from 400,00 kn (53,09 €)

* The price is tentative and it depends on the time of the year and the type of accommodation

Swimming in the Adriatic sea Vela luka Bay

For centuries. a knowledge about the sea, fishing skills and an understanding of fishing tools with a familiarity of the basics of sailing and ships were a requirement for the inhabitants of the island of Krk to survive. That knowledge was acquired arduously by generations of fishermen and their families.

We offer you a possibility of acquiring the basics of that knowledge and skill in a single day filled with unique experiences:  we will sail the beautiful maritime zone south of the island of Krk, fish with the traditional method of trawling, learn how to make fisherman's knots, acquire knowledge about the sea and sailing, learn how to gut and clean fish and then eat the freshly caught fish. We will go swimming the beautiful bay of Vela Luka near Baška and visit a small fishing museum in the same bay.

At the end of the trip, during which you acquired the basics of fishing knowledge and skills, you will be given a diploma proving that you have tackled the basics of fishing.

After departing from Punat and Krk to the maritime zone of Kvarner, we will go fishing with a trawl net - exactly the way the fishermen of Kvarner did for generations.  You will get acquainted with the life of the island fishermen and learn first-hand about the submarine area of Kvarnerić and the fish that live here.

We will learn how to make boating knots. After fishing we will learn how to properly clean fish and we will try fish snacks. The ship master will teach you about the ship instruments and the basics of sailing!

After fishing, we will sail to Vela Luka - the most beautiful beach on the south side of Krk, where we will visit a small fishing museum, go swimming on a beautiful beach and eat fresh fish in the restaurant located on the beach itself.

During our return trip and after a day filled with impressions, we will serve fish on board the ship and enjoy the panoramic trip along the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic from Baška to Punat!

This is a journey filled with events during which you will learn about islands, biodiversity, fishing, fishing tools, knots, preparing fish and the basics of sailing!  A diploma awarded to you by the captain at the end of the journey will always remind you of this unique moment during your vacation, and with a bit of luck, you might see good dolphins play near the boat (link).

The price of the trip includes a fish snack, a lunch consisting of freshly caught fish, fruit, coffee and a glass of wine.


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