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Vrbnik wine tales

Vrbnik wine tasting - 9 wines in 3 local wineries with an authentic dinner and pick-up at your accommodation

Vrbnik Wine Tales – tasting 9 wines & dinner with pick-up at your address! A unique and authentic „must see & experience“ tour on the island of Krk! We pick you up at your address and bring you back stress-free after tasting 9 exquisite Žlahtina wines - an autochthonous sort of wine that grows only in Vrbnik on the island of Krk. Visit of three most renowned wineries owned by local families with an original dinner in one of the most beautifull small towns on the Croatian islands.

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Basic details

Starting points:
Pick-up at your accomodation18:30
Wine House Ivan Katunar19:00
AdultsPrice from 195 € (1469.23 kn)
22:00 from Meeting point, in front of Vinotel Gospoja, to your pick-up address
Organiser:Zlatopružica, Punat, Frankopanska 99, +385 99 33 7777 1
Active: July, August, September, October, November

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Vrbnička Žlahtina was analyzed a lot, but its DNA matches no other wine variety in the world. The adjective 'žlahtno' in the name means noble in Old Slavic, so this autochthonous, unique and special noble variety of Vrbnik developed all of its great characteristics in the fields of Vrbnik! Cheers!


We will pick you up at your address and drive to Vrbnik, a unique and beautiful town on a high cliff. This is town with a rich history and tradition, marked by the fields of Vrbnik and the cultivation of the autochthonous and unique variety of wine called 'Vrbnička Žlahtina'. Today. most inhabitants of Vrbnik produce wine, and for your visit we've chosen 3 family wineries that produced wine for decades and keep top-quality wine in their cellars just for you. We start the tasting at 19:00 in the Wine house Ivan Katunar. All of their products have the 'original island product' label. Your hosts will show you their wine cellar, with a tale of this autochthonous variety of grapes and the characteristics of the wine. In Wine house Ivan Katunar, we will taste 3 types of wine (approx. 0.5 dcl per wine):

  1. PEARL - The first pearly wine made from Vrbnička Žlahtina with the Prosecco method.
  2. ŽLAHTINA IVAN KATUNAR - dry white wine with sophisticated fruity and mineral aromas
  3. MUSCAT IVAN KATUNAR - semi-sweet white wine with typical muscat aromas

In addition to the tasted wines, in the Wine house Ivan Katunar you can purchase all other wines from their production. The wines will be helpfully loaded by the driver before departure.

The envisaged time for visiting the Wine house Ivan Katunar is from 19:30 to 20:15


After visiting the Wine house Ivan Katunar, enjoy a 30-minute walk in the narrow streets of Vrbnik along the main square and the church. At 20:45, we arrive at the winery and restaurant Nada, located on a cliff above the sea, with a beautiful view of the Velebit Channel.  A walk from the Wine house IVAN KATUNAR through the centre of the old town of Vrbnik the winery Nada usually takes around 10 minutes, leaving you with plenty of time for sightseeing.

In the winery Nada, taste the following wines with prociutto and homemade cheese:

  1. SPARKLING WINE NADA BRUT - sparkling wine produced with the classic in-bottle fermentation procedure
  2. ŽLAHTINA NADA - quality dry wine
  3. BRAJDA RED WINE - a mixture of dry wines from the autochthonous varieties of the wine-growing area of Krk

Tasting in the restaurant Nada is envisaged from 20:45 to 21:30, and you can purchase the entire assortment of sparkling wines, wines and brandies of the restaurant Nada


After tasting prosciutto, cheese and 3 types of wine, we take a 5-minute walk along beautiful and steep cliffs to reach the first wine hotel in Croatia: the 4-star VINOTEL GOSPOJA, located on a cliff above the sea. Its designer arrangement speaks the best wine tale. From 21:40 to 23:00, you will enjoy an autochthonous supper of island specialties in this unique atmosphere: homemade Krk šurlice with goulash!  This traditional meal is still a staple of all important family events on the island of Krk. The šurlice are made by hand, with a knitting-needle, and hard-working housewives have the special skill of determining the size and toughness of the dough. In the unique atmosphere of the Vinotel Gospoja you will enjoy the tasting of the following:

  1. SPARKLING WINE GOSPOJA - quality sparkling wine produced of Žlahtina with a traditional method
  2. ŽLAHTINA GOSPOJA - Žlahtina - wine the the 'Traditional Croatian' labe
  3. GOSPOJA SACRAMENTAL WINE - top-quality dessert wine

In Vinotel Gospoja, you can purchase all the other products of this winery, and your kind driver will load everything in the car and take it to your address.

23:00 - After this unique experience of Vrbnik and a tasting of all 9 fantastic wines, we will peacefully take you to your destination. The planned time of arrival is 23:30.