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Golden drops of the Golden island

By Local Businesses

Olive oil tasting in the most attractive olive grove on Krk with an authentic dinner

Unique island evening experience - visit to ULIKA, the most attractive olive grove on Krk, with a visit to the oil refinery and an introduction to the cultivation and processing of olives, with a tasting of 3 types of olive oil. You will learn to recognize the best extra-virgin olive oil, and after the tasting, on the terrace of the tavern Ulika, with a spectacular view of the islands and the sea, you will experience an authentic dinner with Krk lamb prepared on extra virgin olive oil

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Starting points:
Pick-up at your accomodation18:30
Experience starts at19:00
AdultsPrice from 350.00 kn
Children 0-11.99 yearsPrice from 175.00 kn
RETURN: aprox. 10pm
Organiser:Zlatopružica, Punat, Frankopanska 99, +385 99 33 7777 1
Active: June, July, August, September, October

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Olive oil is the most valuable delicacy of the Mediterranean. Since Roman times, the people of Krk, which is also called the golden island, have grown olives - the queen of the Mediterranean, and produced top-quality olive oil i.e. the golden drops of which have nurtured generations of islanders. That's why we call this evening excursion, that will provide you new insight on olives and the pleasure of tasting top-quality olive oil, the 'golden product of the golden island'.

To learn about olives and taste the delicacies of Krk in the most attractive olive grove on Krk, with a spectacular view of the sea and the islands is a special experience. At 19:00, in the Ulika olive grove above Punat, we will introduce you to the basics of cultivating, harvesting and processing olives. We will show you a video on harvesting and you will get to know the processing technology used in our oil refinery, and after the welcome drink, you will taste 3 types of olive oil to learn how to recognize good oil. The tasting of olive oil is learning about the taste, aroma and applicability of oil on specially selected delicacies. After the tasting with an unforgettable view of the sea, you will try a dinner made of authentic food of Krk: after an appetizer based on olives, we will serve you Krk lamb under a baking bell, a special and rare specialty with homemade bread and dessert.

If you wish, we will pick you up at your address and organize transportation by a professional driver to the olive grove and back. After a great dinner at the olive grove, you can purchase olive oil an olive products.'