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Krk Island Tour

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Half day bus excursion

When holidaying on the biggest Croatian island, do not stay in just one place! Let the diversity of the island surprise you. Explore island towns and places, experience the tradition and richness of culture and feel the history. The Island of Krk Tour will lead you through three main towns on the island as well as through rural olive grove area.

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Basic details

Starting points:
Krk Town - hotel Koralj08:40
Krk Town - bus station08:45
Njivice - Hotel Jadran09:20
Adults 260.00 kn
Children 4 - 11.99 years 130.00 kn
Children 0 - 3.99 years GRATIS
RETURN: between 16:00 - 19:00h
Organiser:Aurea Tourist Agency, 51500 Krk, Vršanska 26 L, +385 99 33 7777 1
Active: June, July, August, September, October

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Our tour begins from the town of Baska - the most southeast point of the island of Krk, after which we will be joined by the passengers from Punat, Krk, Malinska, Njivice and Omisalj - the northernmost settlement on the island. Our first sightseeing stop is Omisalj, the ancient citadel of counts Frankopans, where we will have the opportunity to taste the traditional island of Krk brandy. Thereafter the route leads towards the city of Krk where we will explore the historic town centre. A little bit of free time is scheduled after the guided tour.
The Krk Island tour ends in Vrbnik - a charming seafront town situated on a cliff from which there are beautiful views of the sea, the Velebit Channel, and the Velebit mountain on the mainland. Vrbnik is well known for one of the most famous Croatian wines - Vrbnicka Zlahtina. After the sightseeing tour of Vrbnik we will visit tavern "Nada" where we will taste prosciutto, sheep cheese and Zlahtina wine. The return to the respective starting points is estimated between 16:00 and 17:00.