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Let us take you on a journey! Ranging from budget boats excursions to evening boat tours with a fish dinner aboard- join us and revel in the best of all that Croatia has to offer.

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Islands Cruise

Whether you've always wished to watch dolphins playfully swim in the sea or see a dozen of waterfalls and lakes in one day- all with a reliable and experienced local guide through a simple booking and payment system- this is a place for you!

We offer various types of excursions in Croatia and cater for different group sizes. Our goal is to help travellers easily book and enjoy excursions which will enrich their experience of Croatia.

Browse our website, find an excursion which will take you to some of the best sights in the Kvarner region as well as its surroundings and book your adventure with one of our affiliates!

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Our excursions - what our guests say...

As always we had a fantastic day. The boat trip, the sea vultures and then diving off the boat and swimming to the remote bay shore are memories that will stay with the pupils for ever. One of the Year 10 girls was heard to say "If I die now, I think this would be heaven" Fortunately she didn't, but the impact of the place was clear to see. Hope you manage to get some time to relax over the summer

Chris Ody, Teacher at Ryde School, Isle of Wight, Great Britain (2015)


I just came back into my office from a lovely holiday spent in Croatia. I spent a day on the island of Krk and went on one of your boat trips. It was wonderful, very relaxing and we had truly had a blast! The team on the boat is excellent, always helpful and very informative. Congratulations.

M. Danzer, Grand Plaza Hotel Bukurešt (September, 2015)


We read and heard a lot about the unique national park that is on a „must see“ list in Croatia. Hence, we booked Plitvice Lake tour in our hotel. The ride with the modern mini- bus was very pleasant and we were accompanied by a tourist guide who shared many stories on Croatian history, culture and nature. Wonderful horizon all the way was just a small introduction into what followed. A spectacle of the clearest water and unbelieveable natural beauty waited for us at Plitvice. We enjoyed every moment of our day, we breathed the clean air and admired the timeless beauty of the park. Organisation aspect of the trip was perfect! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have such an unforgettable experience of Croatia.

S. Bickert, Kassel, Germany


Together with my 9 year old son, after a recommendation of our host, we booked the „Night Trawl Fishing“ trip via your agency. After a beautiful sunset panoramic tour, where we had an opportunity to discover the islands of the North Adriatic, we watched the starry sky, learnt about navigation and the sea as well as skills necessary at sea such as how to prepare fish and enjoy its fresh taste. For the first time, I realised the taste of fresh fish. Did you know the scampi have a sweet taste? For a price of a dinner at a fish restaurant, we were rewarded with so much more. We learnt plenty of new things, had an unbelievebly nice experience at sea and fishing tradition in the area, all together with top food which didn't come from a fridge but directly from the sea. Priceless! My son was astonished! We are definitely repeating the trip this year again!

F. Grigoletto, Camisano Vicentino, Italia

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